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today has been super rough! i dont like it

im too nice to tell someone i'm not interested in talking to them! i really just do Not want to talk to this one person and they keep messaging me and im too scared to say i'm uncomfy w/ it

back to being lonely again, i guess

im currently very lonely...and its making me suffer i want more people to talk to,,,

there is little to no food here! i haven't eaten all fucking day! i haven't been taught how to make some of the shit buried at the bottom of the freezer!

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wow i never expected to be in a negative balance haha

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surprise payment to twitch of a subscription renewal that i didnt even know was happening but! okay

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i kind of dont want to ask for more money because i feel bad, but i dont get paid for another few weeks and i dont know how long i can stay in a negative balance

wow i never expected to be in a negative balance haha

man, my school sucks. thinking they can shove 70+ kids on one bus

cant anyone give me a proper reasoning on why highschool girls have to wear... extremely tight pants that shows off their behinds? like.. thats against the dress code but nobody seems to care?

watch me get fired because im at my last school year, and my depression only seems to get worse every passing day

my room is disgusting because i just cant get up and do anything, i dont feel like doing shit anymore. i keep calling out. i don't know what to do. my boss probably hates me.

absolutely terrible tuesdirt.

i just wis..h. ppl did more gifts for me to surprise me of cute drawings of my characters or mine and someone elses interacting but i feel selfish and awful maybe im a bad person ggg

be the bigger person. walk away.

well, just found out someone who ghosted me a few months ago unfriended me and i'm a bit upset. i don't see why i am.

i guess it lonely day...

almost got hit by lightning :’((

it made me go into a temporary shock hhhhg

I had a really terrible tuesdirt and I’ve been crying like all day :’(

ever just see an ex friend and get instantly scared,,,?

h idk why im so upset over two people I don’t know blocking me like why should I careeeee it’s not a big deal

why cant these days go better for me :'(

srs vent

ya'll im about to fucking bawl my eyes out because im afraid my best friend is gonna date their ex again whos 3 years and 10 months older than them (theyre 13, he's 17, started dating when they were 12 and 16 awhile ago)

i dont want tofucking leave them and i swore i would if they got back together

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inb4 im left out because idk im the most forgetable person to ever live am i right

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its like okay! i guess nobody wants to know about me because i dont matter idk what more i can ask for to be noticed by my friends and mutuals


inb4 im left out because idk im the most forgetable person to ever live am i right


ive been crying for the past hour over stupid stuff n honestly i feel worthless

why do I feel like [X] stalks my blog? they don’t even follow me and they reblogged my gn post and there’s no way I can see if they hate me and it’s making me upset