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I'm upset.

Some new students are joining the choir I'm in (it's the varsity choir), which is totally cool, except one of the students is a girl who doesn't like me for some reason. (I have no clue why.)

She is so aggressive towards me. She likes to pretend I don't exist and act like my opinions don't matter. I thought I would never have to deal with her again after the school musical closed, but apparently the universe decided that wasn't enough.

I hate that I'm dreading going to class. I shouldn't be afraid of her. I just don't want to be belittled by some underclassman who thinks she's above me. She is not above me. I will not let her win.

I'm gonna kick my cats ass.


I constantly day dream about having a girlfriend but no girls like me :( I've had bad experiences in the past with them so I feel like it's a way of hurting myself when I daydream cause I end up shaming myself for it and I feel foolish when I think I'll ever have a girlfriend:'/

Very sad. Do not check up on people that abandoned you. Nothing good comes from that :(

Some day I wake up, look at the news, and feel deeply the burden of my existence 

Of living on a planet that is condemned if we don't do anything, but we spend more time arguing about than doing,  and the point of no-return has been passed since long 

Of seeing rich people, politicians, racists, being so disconnected from reality that they think imposing their view is necessary, despite posing literal threats to many of the less privileged 

Of trying, so hard, to do the right things, to vote, to recycle plastic, to buy local, to be an okay person, but knowing that this is a drop in the ocean and singular efforts will never make a difference if we don't change the whole system, because the companies who don't make efforts are the one whose actions truly matters 

Of seeing basic human rights and the sheer fucking politeness of minding your own business if others don't hurts you or the community being thrown out the window by entitled idiots 

Of knowing, without a doubt, that you're not enough, that you can't change things alone. That you shouldn't even be alone with those decision, but the elite sure makes you feel like you are 


I'm tired. Tired of being angry, tired of fighting, because it feels useless.

So some day, I ignore the news, pretend it's fine, pretend I've already given up anyway.

And it's scary, because if we do give up, things will never look better, and I don't want to pawn off the problem to yet another hypothetical 'next generation'.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for things I could never control 

And I wish the people who could make a significant change were the one feeling guilty, for once

today has been super rough! i dont like it

im too nice to tell someone i'm not interested in talking to them! i really just do Not want to talk to this one person and they keep messaging me and im too scared to say i'm uncomfy w/ it

Hmm wouldnt it be a great day to starve myself :^)))) that sounds like fun! 

I want to lose weight. I've put on 20 lbs in the past 2 years and even though thats not "a lot" comparably speaking, it's still effecting me in a negative way. Im 5'2", the fat hangs differently on my body than say if i was 5'8". Its such bullshit that my brain has managed to convince itself AGAIN that not eating solves this issue.

It doesnt!! I know it doesnt!! Why am i like this!!!!

I just want to look at my weight and tackle it in a normal way! Not immediately jump to the extremes.

Im still gonna be trying to eat as i have been. I'll also probably be talking to a doctor/ psychiatrist about this real soon. Im not letting myself fall back into that mindset. 

back to being lonely again, i guess

im currently very lonely...and its making me suffer i want more people to talk to,,,

there is little to no food here! i haven't eaten all fucking day! i haven't been taught how to make some of the shit buried at the bottom of the freezer!

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wow i never expected to be in a negative balance haha 

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surprise payment to twitch of a subscription renewal that i didnt even know was happening but! okay

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i kind of dont want to ask for more money because i feel bad, but i dont get paid for another few weeks and i dont know how long i can stay in a negative balance

wow i never expected to be in a negative balance haha 

man, my school sucks. thinking they can shove 70+ kids on one bus 

cant anyone give me a proper reasoning on why highschool girls have to wear... extremely tight pants that shows off their behinds? like.. thats against the dress code but nobody seems to care?

watch me get fired because im at my last school year, and my depression only seems to get worse every passing day 


my room is disgusting because i just cant get up and do anything, i dont feel like doing shit anymore. i keep calling out. i don't know what to do. my boss probably hates me.

absolutely terrible tuesdirt. 

It's hard to want to interact and talk when I feel like I'm not wanted anymore

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Okay, Y'ALL, I want some opinions on slapping kids as a punishment

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Thank you all for your opinions, I wasn't sure anymore if it was bad or not and needed some reasons.

I was slapped as a kid too, but only as consequense (Halleluja) and my parents stopped hitting after 7, because then we could talk back comprehensively. And that was normal for me back then, just about everybody in my class got slapped as a punishment.

But recently I told a couple of jokes about it, and everyone looked at me weirdly and when I visited my best friend she said that that was not normal, so I got very confused, thank you all for your opinions :)

i just wis..h. ppl did more gifts for me to surprise me of cute drawings of my characters or mine and someone elses interacting but i feel selfish and awful maybe im a bad person ggg

be the bigger person. walk away.


well, just found out someone who ghosted me a few months ago unfriended me and i'm a bit upset. i don't see why i am. 

i guess it lonely day...

All of my urls have a purpose i just have to have time to post on them..... Im going to be really sad if they take them away..... I work almost 6 days a week and dont have a laptop so everything is from my phone..... So its hard to keep up with everything... But i have a use for all of them so plz dont free them.... 

My lineart is terrible unless I use the stabilizer to a crazy point because my hands are so shakey lately...

I really hope we have this weekend off work because I really need a break from so much physical work. :/