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Do you think cats ever wonder why we don't purr? Do you think they ever worry because of it? Do we manage to clearly communicate to them when we're happy? 

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There' some evidence that cats are able to respond to human facial emotion and vocal tone[2] [3]! At least the basics.

Research done thinks they are able to learn how individual owners respond and how to tell if you, specifically, are happy. There's debate on if they can understand completely or understand a stranger's expression/tone, but cats are social creatures and in newer studies most social creatures have so far proved to be smarter and more empathetic then most of the old studies misinterperated them to be!

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Me:  *trying to purr at my cat and ending up sounding like a weird pigeon*

My cat : "You're so dumb but I love you too"

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

Day 3 : the pain has passed and what remains now is annoyance and absolute rage.

The only blood I should be bathing in should be the one of my enemies, who foolishly came at me after underestimating me, and that I have slain with a sword and discarded on top of a foggy mountain whose snow is getting transformed in muddy reddish sludge by the sheet amount of corpses left to die here. Also there are ravens cawing in the background.

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Thank you guys so much for 100 followers!! It means a ton to me <33


To celebrate, I am hosting a small art raffle! YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO ENTER! New followers are welcome :)


To enter the raffle, reblog this post! I will randomly draw the winner on January 25th. 


The winner of the raffle will receive one painted headshot of a character of their choosing! This will need to follow my commission guidelines, but OCs are totally welcome!


Thanks again for 100 followers, and here's to many more!!! :D

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please engage in thellf care :(

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That's an amazing pun but also: make me

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to expose via meme must work!!!

i like how this looks,, its p neat awa

2020 To do list of crafts

Thell's  post about being amazing was very inspiring, and I realized that while I always have a ton of ideas and project I never wrote it down anywhere. So I'm going to do it here, to help me remember and stay motivated, and also if I ever has some down time maybe I'll ask you guys what you want to see the most


  • Urgent, Top priority, Move your fucking ass you dumb bitch @me : Finish LLLC chapter 7, and make a cover 
  • That one cover of Louis sensually eating grapes in a toga 
  • That one cover of young Louis draped dramatically over a golden lion statue 
  • LLLC art book (clothe swap n°2 and push-up bonus as exclusive illustrations) (also maybe redraw more memes)
  • The watercolor deer on black paper
  • More creature design. Maybe a whole sheet of dragons?


  • Cardboard animals (Chocobo, Deer, Dragon?)
  • Maybe try for a human shaped cardboard 'doll' ; Lio &/or Galo proportions?
  • Papercut landscape illuminated by back light led box 

Sewing (mini)

  • Mattress and bed sheets 
  • More shirt 
  • More shoes (high heels for sure, baskets? )
  • Lion on black sweat 
  • "Fuck you" in a square on white sweat 
  • Maybe others like these
  • OG story matching formal attire using that one green/gold cotton fabric
  • More 'casual' OG story clothes
  • Kotatsu 


  • More food 
  • And drinks!
  • Traditional japanese wooden cabinet
  • Cupboard using the round table leg
  • Secretary?
  • Treasure chest
  • Traveling chest (Louis XIV, Louis XVI, or Napoleon?)
  • Finish kitchen diorama 
  • Make garden diorama using discarded kitchen tile floor, pergola (add vines) and make flowers 
  • Make Mini!Émilie 
  • Maybe the kids, too?
  • Alternate 3d printed hair 
  • Big table and Voltaire chairs 


  • Try diffusing RGB led with wrapping film/bubble wrap 
  • Depending on result, go on with bigger shape and start Arduino program for a full Burnish flame for cosplay 
  • Popsicles sticks robot arm commanded by nunchuk 
  • Buy shield & a4988 drivers for future CNC project with a friend
  • Ask said friend to move his ass and look at the mechanical properties to adapt design to steppers 
  • Mini lathe with 'recuperated' materials? 
  • Find PC to scavenge PSU and try making a lab alimentation 
  • More leds : in old headphones?


  • Finish Lynn&Lyo manuscript, have it read by friends/ my uni writing club, and maybe posted on WF 
  • More short piece to practice writing : LLLC little scenes with divers POV ?
  • Maybe clean up my LLLC AU Google doc and post some here?


  • Think about next semester classes
  • Try to participate in my uni feminist & Lgbtq+ club next year? 
  • Think about doing a master in parallel of my last year (ask teachers about equivalents credits)
  • Bake brownies 

hewwo!!! i kinda disappeared for awhile n i apologize!!

Damn so I really am 90% of the miniature/dollhouse tag?

Mini polymer clay artist, mini paper flower lovers, bjd enthusiast, where are you at????

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I am certain that telepaths do not exist because Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up is constantly playing somewhere in the background of my mind. It is a key foundational element to the landscape of my psyche. If it's not on blast at the front of my mind then it's always playing quietly in the distance somewhere, ready to leap forward at any time. And yet despite this fact, no stranger & suspected telepath I've ever locked eyes with on the street has broken out in a pained groan at having this meme of an arworm blasted into their brain. If telepaths were real I would know

roguewolfiii -

Also, while lots of people (myself included) find enough genuine joy in Never Gonna Give You Up as a wholesome song about love and commitment that they're kind of immune to getting Rick Roll'd, let it also be know that never once has anyone burst out with a frustrated "God dammit!" upon my mentally whispering "You've just lost The Game" as loudly as possible and frankly no matter how much you love good ol' Rick Astley, The Game still gets you every time

roguewolfiii -

Me turning my mental radio up to 11 as Who Let The Dogs Out blasts across the psychic airwaves: this one's for all y'all telepaths out there! Remember; keep it sexy, keep it cool, & stay out of the minds of fools! [Vapourwave style images of my cats in fuuny hats begin projecting out along with the songs]


Just an introductory post!

Me listening to the radio : .•°☆

The radio : "And now, the Christmas classical, Mariah-"

Me, jumping off my chair, aggressively pushing every button of the radio, screeching : "FUCK NO! ANYTHING BUT MARIAH CAREY"

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Patch Notes - 0.21.0

staff -


  • You can now add, remove, and reorder images in image and art posts after posting. 
  •  Images will now display full res in a lightbox when clicked instead of taking you to a new page.
    • This works for single images, imagesets, and commission profiles.
    • Using the arrow keys will take you forward/back through the images in a post. 
    • Optionally, you can play the images as a slideshow. This might be useful for comic posts.

star-rice -


My want to embrace a more gender-neutral appearance based on the fact that I often feel like agender and/or genderfluid identities could apply to me because i cannot truly think of myself as a real girl


I am a biologically  girl and just because I do not fit the usual stereotype of beauty and fashion doesn't mean I cannot identify as one, it's just that internalized misogyny and not being able to recognize myself in the usual "girly" characters is making me doubt myself 


I am cramming every single one of my possession in increasingly smaller and unpractical bags as I start running out of better options

Do I truly need to bring back my hundred alcohol markers with me for a one and half week of holidays ?  Probably not

Will I do it anyway? Of course

Will I try to pick all 6 goddamn heavy bags of clothes and shit and go down the stairs in one take? You bet

Hey anyone remember that short slave/mercenary romcom that was like 50% fluff, 50% growing up and doing your best at healing, and 100% fuck heteronormativity?


Anyway I hit 62 page and that's,  like, half the story done.

Anyone speak french here and wanna read it?