Take Back the Night!

icon art: voxiciide on tumblr


goodmorning gamers im rlly just. s.

stayed up all night finishing up owed art... my back hurts gn

heeee icon change time!!!!!

fallow asked:

good 2 see a fellow dirt enthusiast

YES... i love dirt!!!!!!!!

melancholia -

If you're an active blog as of may/June 2020 plz reblog!

i have a..poor sleeping schedule now

once im back to normal stuff..i might change my icon..heeee

icantchoosenames asked:

aaaaaaa glad to see you again! :] welcome back

I REMEMBER U!!!! ty!!!!

herobrined -

its definitely been awhile huh?

herobrined -

actually tbh regarding my previous tags i have no idea if i'll be back permanently? i might. ask for a little promo or smthin to see who's still active i guess

its definitely been awhile huh?

*turns into a fucking*

i like how this looks,, its p neat awa

hewwo!!! i kinda disappeared for awhile n i apologize!!


helo! sorry i disappeared, my laptop needed to be fixed so i never came on !!!

i'm okay!!! i just haven't had motiviation to do much!!

i am....so stuffed oghghg

hewwo!!! hope everyones enjoyin their day today!

i've never had this much fun mixing songs together

hello goodevening!

im gonna eat dirt





what does that spell???